Sexpotlida: Platypus

Alexzander: Tabbylope (especially if it’s silver or silver lynx point) or Classic Version Jackalope

Megan (Xoops): Woodland Muttlie (Wolf or Deer), Lynxshie, Reindeer Muttlie

Gyiyg: Shrimp

Leashy: Patchy Mutt

Silverfish: Dinocene Oshie and Orange Fold w/ Bobtail

Lobb: Baby Boar and Mootlie

Alena: Tri-Tone Muttlies and Impala

Celia: Lauren Bully and Barn Dali (Black/White)

Pinto: Palette Dane and Auld Lang Syne Oshie

Cheaco: Cooper Deer and Diatom Dali

Amanda: Land Before Time Muttlie (especially Cera, but they are all gorgeous!)