PKC Accepted Breeds


Oriental Longhair (v.2)

PKC Accepted File
My Oriental Longhair updated version has a B+W Shorthair SCP, updated linez, smoothed tail, and updated filename/offset.  It is no longer a siamese overwrite.  There are three files that will come out colored accordingly and these three files will overwrite each other.

Download Oriental Longhair

Download Oriental Longhair (Balinese OW)

Download Oriental Longhair (Seychellois OW)

Oriental Longhair Siamese OW (or v.1)

PKC Accepted File
Oriental Longhair v.1 was intended to be a longhaired version of the original Siamese from PF Magic to allow for Oriental Longhairs, Balinese, and longhaired Seychellois to show in a very petzy file.  It was also my first PKC Accepted file.  There is a single file that has Oriental Longhair colors and must be hexed to fit Seychellois or Balinese colors.  It overwrites the original siamese and has the siamese SCP.

Download Oriental Longhair Siamese OW


KE Japanese Bobtail

PKC Accepted File
After doing a longhaired version of the Siamese, I decided to also do a longhaired Japanese Bobtail.  Unlike the Siamese, I didn’t do an OW but made it a separate file.  It also has tail variations.

Download KE Japanese Bobtail



PKC Accepted File
One of my favorite files, the Khaomanee is a simple hex with a lot of variations.  Variations in eye color, variations in coat color, and variations in paw pad/whisker/ear linings.  I gave a single coat cat breed as much variation as I could.

Download Khaomanee



PKC Accepted File
This is a very simple fix of the original PF Magic Tabby which has addballz to add to the image of a striped cat, but which makes hexing difficult when doing creative colors with the newer furfiles.  This file simply removes those extra addballz and leaves a clean slate to hex on!  This will overwrite the original tabby file.

Download Tabby OW