Lepitaur Variations

Body Size

Large | Normal | Small

Body Type

Lean | Stocky

Coat Type

Short/Smooth | Long/Rough

Body Extension

Short | Normal | Long | Extra Long

Leg Extension

Normal | Long | Longer | Longest

Tail Lengths

Long | Short | Bob

Tail Types

Regular | Primitive | Drop
Short Regular | Short Primitive | Short Drop
*Note, you can have bobbed versions of each of the three as well, but there is little noticeable difference, the only difference is that the drop tail is a little lower than the other two when bobbed.

Mane Types

None | Small | Large

Leg Feathering

Normal | Feathering

Ear Types

Straight | Out | Pom-Pom | Drop

Face Extension

Normal | Long | Longest


None | Fangs | Horns | Fangs and Horns














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