PFM Re-Color Files for PKC

All of these files OVERWRITE the original PF Magic files, be sure to COPY before you RENAME otherwise you might end up overwriting the original file. I keep a Recolored Breeds subfolder in Resource/Dogz with all these as well as the original files.



This is the PFM original calico, minus the random 105 patches. These aren’t natural-looking as a fourth color being found on a cat in real life is extremely rare.  In the PKC it is a fault if they have too many of them, so it is easier to breed without them.

Download Calico (Minus 105)

Japanese Bobtail

The original PFM Japanese Bobtail file, as released for Catz 5, but with the paintballz anchored (red and black). This is also a Unibreed file that can be used in Petz 4 or 5.

Download the Anchored Japanese Bobtail


PFM original Siamese recolored to offer options so it can be shown as an Oriental Shorthair.  Most if not all should be PKC accepted.

Download Oriental Shorthair



PFM (English) Bulldog recolored with various colors that should be PKC accepted. Includes several base colors, white markings, and masks.

Download the Recolored PFM Bulldog


PFM Chihuahua recolored with various colors that should be PKC accepted. Includes several solid colors, sable, tan points, and white spotting.

Download the Recolored PFM Chihuahua


PFM Dalmatian recolored with PKC accepted colors. Because of the huge number of spot variations in this file, making actual color variations made the file crash so there are three overwriting files in the zip file (35, 55, 95), copy the one you want to your Resource/Dogz file and rename to Dalmatian.

This includes a black and two livers (95 and 55) with accepted eye color variations.

Download the Recolored Dalmatian

For fun, here is also a mutating spot dalmatian file in case you want to breed your own accepted spot variations.

Download the Mutating Dalmatian