I first got into the petz community around 1997 when I found a free download of Petz II adoption center.  I saved my money to buy Petz II, then got Petz 4, built a website and, well, you probably know the rest!

I’m now a premier judge for Schnauzers, Siamese, and Tabbies as well as a Companion, Obedience, and Aptitude judge in the Petz Kennel Club.  I’m also active at Whiskerwick and Duke’s Group.

Nearly all of the things on this site are for Petz 4, however, I do have Petz 5 and any petz, adoptions, litters, etc. which are for use in Petz 5 only will have a Petz 5 logo.  Fortunately, this isn’t such a big deal now that Reflet has released the converter – I’m fine with you adopting and converting.

I still have Dogz and Catz (original), Oddballz, Petz II, and Petz 3, but I primarily use those for my own personal play and don’t use them for the website, so few if anything will be on here for that.  Feel free to check out some of the stuff I have for download for those games on Wayback Petz though!