Halloween Background Packs

Download Anso’s Halloween Background Pack (includes 12 playpen wallpapers, originally posted for download on Anso’s Petz, site now down)


Download the PA Halloween Background Pack (includes 4 playpen wallpapers, including two orange carpet/floors that you have permission to use in Playscenes you make if you give credit to Pawzative Attitude)

Download the Jack o’ Lantern Background Pack (includes 4 playpen wallpapers)

Download the Halloween Background Pack (includes 5 playpen wallpapers)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I was bored today and decided to do a little something special for Saint Patrick’s Day (I do have Irish heritage after all).  I hexed up a little green overwriting calico file (It has all the variations of the original calico, just with the original red replaced with green) which I then had a ton of fun breeding mixies (check out some of them up for auction on The Flea Market and PUGS).  They are super cute and now you can download the file yourself below.

St. Patrick’s Calico

Oh, darn it, I dropped another stamp, well, you know what that means, another stamp for your collection!  Better be sure to paint your petz green this Sunday or someone might pinch them!  You can see that Cronos already painted his eyebrows and mutt patch green for the holiday.